holistic healthDoctor Kuhar developed unique treatments and techniques that she uses in the course of her hands-on sessions.

Her treatments; as well as her nutritional consultations, longevity coaching and healthy living treatment sessions; are based on her extensive studies of holistic sources of knowledge and information.

Throughout many years she has studied endless varieties of ancient as well as newly developed and scientifically proven techniques and modalities.

After long considerations and experiments, Doctor Kuhar chose to use in her practice just a handful of, in her view, the most effective procedures that she had learned.

Doctor Kuhar then combined her learned techniques with her experience in the field to culminate a true understanding of holistic health. As a composer creates distinctive melodies from only seven notes, Dr. Ina createa exclusive therapy treatments based on diverse holistic and naturopathic approaches. Schools of eastern wisdoms such as: Traditional Chinese medicine, cupping suction therapy, moxibustion counterirritants and acupressure; combined with newer schools of wisdom such as – Dr. Barral’s visceral manipulation, lymphatic decongestion therapy, Dr. Upledger’s craniosacral therapy, Rolf’s structural integration, Dr. Chikly’s lymph drainage therapy, Luise Kuhne’s facial diagnosis, and more.

doctor lust

Her progressive and sometimes revolutionary concepts of nutrition and health have been influenced mostly by outstanding doctors and extraordinary thinkers of the past. Some of her favorite teachers are: Doctor Lust, Doctor Trall, Edgar Cayce, Doctor Ehret, Doctor Becker, Luis Kuhne, Doctor Riley, Hilton Hotema, Doctor Tilden, Gaston Naessens, Doctor Lankovsky, Doctor Kochakov, and many others. Dr Kuhar’s mind was also stimulated by the works of her contemporaries who were able to think, understand, imagine and create a different paradigm. One that inspires others to step out of their self-imposed prison of ignorance.

In her work, Doctor Kuhar postulates the following:

• No single treatment can be used for, or can help everyone

• No single diet, food article, herb, vitamin, supplement or medication can induce same reaction in different people. The reactions can be beneficial to supporting life or may even cause death, it’s very difficult to predict.

• There’s no identical ratio, variety, level of activity or other parameters of internal biochemical environment for any one living organism. They are all unique.

• Amount, quality, and activity of various things such as enzymes, minerals, vitamins and hormones can vary widely between different people. Or even in the same person in different periods of their life.

• No single person has identical beliefs, views, perceptions or interpretations of the surrounding reality to anybody else.

• Considering all the levels of uniqueness and all the differences of every individual specialized approach in addressing nutritional/psychological needs of a patient is the most noticeable and fastest way to create a positive change in one’s health condition.