Testimonial 5 – Vertigo

I would never believe it myself, if somebody had told me. There is my story of what happened:vertigo

I developed a very strong case of vertigo. For three days I missed work, my head was spinning relentlessly. My husband searched internet with no encouraging results as to the fast disappearing of my symptoms any time soon. Taking meds just to temporarily control the symptoms were out of question. I am a strong believer in natural remedies. Couple of days later I had an appointment for a craniosacral therapy. It didn’t help.

 Two weeks later my husband brought me a business card from holistic office. He was driving by and stopped for brief consultation. At the office he was reassured that I would probably need one or two treatments for my condition. I ended up having only one.  I felt about 60% better at the day of the treatment and three days later my vertigo was completely gone.

Michel T.