Menstrual Pain Relief – Los Angeles, CA

Menstrual pain?

If everything you have tried to remedy your menstrual cramps, back or abdominal pain doesn’t work then I can help.

Having pain or even discomfort during a Menstrual cycle is absolutely unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated or endured by women.

Pain, discomfort, constipation/diarrhea, headache, bloated abdomen, hormonal fluctuations, irregular cycles; in fact, any unpleasant feeling a woman is experiencing during menstruation are the signs of ongoing internal damage and trauma of the reproductive organs of the body.

Ignoring or masking the symptoms, using inadequate treatments and remedies not leading to completely asymptomatic periods, is equal to allowing the problem to persist and the damage to continue to spread.

If the body can build itself from a single cell, it can surely repair and rebuild its pre-existing structures.
I invented treatments and healing protocols to help the body to properly assist itself in doing its own mending.

Nothing can heal your body except your own body.
The reason it doesn’t do it fast enough can be traced back to your unwise actions – choices that prevent your body from fixing itself back to normal condition to continue performing the job it had been designed for – to enable your psychosomatic architecture made of cells to function flawlessly in the space-time reality.

People who believe in the immense power of their own bodies for self-cures, who can place confidence in natural methods of noninvasive assistance to healing, are welcome to schedule a free consultation.