Anxiety and Depression Treatment – Los Angeles

Are you depressed and anxious?

If you have tried every possible treatment to be free of depression or anxiety but still feel trapped in a labyrinth of hopelessness, misery, sadness, futility, fear or panic – I can help.

If you believe that medical science knows the cause of depression and anxiety you might be very surprised to discover the cold hard truth.

The fact is, despite decades of studies and research into this increasingly common problem, scientists and researchers around the world still don’t know the cause.

If the cause is undetermined, a rightful question can be asked: how a undesirable health condition can be remedied?
The inevitable answer is that it cannot.
Medical science offers various drugs to “manage” the symptoms. What makes drug “therapy” absurd is that depression medications cause anxiety and anxiety medications cause depression. Do you really want to put your emotions through this kind of push and pull?

I have solved the mysteries and I’m ready to share the information with you. I also invented therapeutic treatments to help people return to normal mental states.

People who believe in the immense power of their own bodies for self-healing, who can place confidence in natural methods of noninvasive drugless treatments for restoring and reestablishing their mental balance, are welcome to schedule a free consultation.