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Pain is a symptom of tissues destruction.


Pain is a symptom of body’s struggle to function and perform.


Pain is body’s attempt to attract your attention to a very serious problem that may threaten your wellbeing or even life.


Back pain influences people‘s lives directly and indirectly.

To be in constant pain is a very difficult and frustrating life experience.


Besides physical suffering there is emotional turmoil, mental depressing atmosphere and irritability.


Relationships problems, difficulties in performing at work and in private life.


To be in pain is very unpleasant.

To be in pain all the time is to allow life just trickle by.

To have chronic pain and to be told that there is nothing can be done to stop it is agonizing.


Frequent use of pain killers, anti-inflammatory and hormone medications leads to inevitable destruction of vital organs and systems.


Pain is a warning sign and demand for change


Your body possesses innate wisdom and logic.

To effectively restore compromised health and heal pain you must know the natural laws that govern your body.


The reason why so many people live their lives in sickness and pain is failure to comply with those laws.


You cannot ignore your back pain anymore if you believe that you have been born to live a happy and joyous life through your unrestricted, full of energy and vitality physical body.