Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy

Your lymphatic system is your personal fountain of youth.

Complex decongestive therapy and lymphatic drainage.

Traditional Chinese healing arts call lymphatic fluid a “river of life.” Congested lymphatic systems; however, become a “swamp of death.”

To understand the paramount importance of the smooth, uninterrupted work of the lymph system, I will first explain how it works in the body.

As you know, the human body consists of trillions of cells. Every cell is like an island surrounded by interstitial fluids (colorless water like substance which originated from blood plasma). These fluids constantly distribute nutrients, various hormones and other supporting and stimulating substances throughout the body to ensure healthy functioning of cellular activity.

The cells excrete their metabolic byproducts and wastes in the very same fluids from which they have been taking life supporting materials.

As you can see, constant in and out flow of the fluids is the basic minimum that the cells need for their best function, reproduction and development. Every single health problem or disease starts on a cellular level when cells are compelled to survive in the most unfavorable environments. I also believe that it will not be too superfluous to remind you that all organs and tissues are a community of cells – the heart, skeletal system, brain, liver, etc.

The lymphatic system is like a sewer system inside your body. Through lymphatic capillaries and lymphatic ducts, the cell’s metabolic waste must be removed, otherwise the cells would suffocate in their own chemically corrosive and oxygen deprived “swamp“ of an environment.

Lymphatic decongestion therapy is one of the few most effective and fastest methods which within several minutes of application put the body on the road of healing, regaining balance, and recovery.

Complex Decongestive Therapy and Lymph drainage very effectively alleviate conditions related to:

1. Rheumatology

a) All kind of arthritis (rheumatoid, osteoarthitis, psoriatic)

b) Fibrosis (bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc.)

c) Gout

d) Fibromyalgia

2. Ophthalmology

a) Chronic edema of the eyelids

b) Dry mouth and eyes syndrome

c) Macular degeneration.

3. Otolaryngology

a) Hearing loss

b) Chronic otitis

c) Tinnitus

d) Vertigo

4. Dentistry

a) Tooth pain, Wisdom tooth removal

b) Orthodontics

c) Gum disease

d) Periodontitis

5. Pre-and Post-Surgery, Burns, Tissues Regeneration

6. Gynecology

a) Chronic pelvic pain

b) Endometriosis

c) PMS, tensions, cramps, pain

d) Menopause

e) Problems related to pregnancy and breastfeeding

f) Fibrocystic lumps

g) Brest implants problems

7. Dermatology

a) Acne

b) Basal Cell Carcinoma

c) Dermatitis

d) Rosacea

e) Seborrhea

f) Chronic skin information

g) Scars

8. Chronic and Subacute Infections

9. Urology & Nephrology

a) Chronic cystitis

b) Chronic prostatitis

c) Genital edema

d) Genital lesions

10. Sports

a) Muscle spasms

b) Traumatic edemas

c) Sprains & strains

d) Ligamentous and meniscal lesions

11. Pneumology

a) Chronic bronchitis

b) Asthma

c) Cystic fibrosis

d) Hay fever (rhinits, allergies)

12. Osteopathic/Chiropractic

a) Neck pain

b) Lower back pain

c) Sciatica