Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

Dry Cupping is one of the most effective and simple therapeutic techniques, proven by many centuries of use and application method to improve, reverse or heal any beauty or health concern.

Cupping supports, compliments and enhances other therapeutic methods or it can be used as separate, segmental and even systemic therapy.

Any Holistic therapeutic involvement and intervention aimed to strengthen and activate the organism’s self-healing powers, when those powers are compromised or overwhelmed and no longer able to do so on their own.

As we know health and beauty deterioration sets in when congestion and accumulation of un-eliminated waist products obstructs circulation of fluids and communications of Nervous Systems.

Cups application serves to widen blood capillaries, stimulate local metabolic processes, decongestion and circulation. Application of cups is playing major role in connective tissue relaxation which helps to relive pressure on the nerves, diminish swelling, pain and discomfort.

For beauty purposes we use cupping to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and unwanted bulges throughout the body.

There is connection between the skin and inner organs via viscera-cutaneous reflex paths.

We are even able to diagnose some problems with internal organs by observing changes in the appearance of the skin. Diseased organs through peripheral nerves initiate and convey changes to color, texture, and temperatures. In some instances pain and atrophy in corresponding areas of the skin can be significant.

There is multitude of applications for Cupping Therapy.

Diverse problems such as Hypersexual Disorders and Impotence, Obesity and Underweight, Amenorrhea and Excessive bleeding, Leucorrhea and Vaginal dryness and many, many more.