Dr. Kuhar developed unique treatments and technics that she uses in the course of her hands on sessions. Her treatment as well as her nutritional, longevity and healthy living consulting sessions are based on her extensive studies of various sources of knowledge and information.

Throughout many years she studied endless varieties of an ancient as well as newly developed and scientifically proven technics and modalities.

After long considerations and experimentations Dr. Kuhar had chosen to use in her practice just a handful, in her view, most effective procedures that she learned.

She combined them with her own technics that she created. As a composer creates distinctive melodies from only seven nots, Dr. Ina created exclusive therapy treatments based on diverse Holistic and Naturopathic approaches and schools such as: Traditional Chinese medicine, cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, Dr. Barral’s Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy, Dr. Upledger’s craniosacral therapy, Rolf’s Structural Integration, Dr. Chikly’s Lymph Drainage Therapy, Luise Kuhne’s Facial Diagnosis, quantum healing and others.

Her progressive, sometimes revolutionary concepts of health and nutrition had been influenced mostly by outstanding doctors and great thinkers of the past. Some of her favorite teachers are: Dr Trall, Dr Lust, Edgar Cayce, Dr Ehret, Dr Becker, Luis Kuhne, Dr Riley, Hilton Hotema, Dr Tilden, Gaston Naessens, Dr Lankovsky, Dr Kochakov, and many others. Her mind was also stimulated by the works of her contemporaries who was able to think, to understand, to imagine and create a different paradigm, to inspire others to step out of the self-imposed prison of ignorance.

In her work Dr Kuhar postulates:

• No single treatment can be used for, or can help everyone

• No single diet, food article, herb, vitamin, supplement or medication induces same reaction in different people. The reactions can be so opposing as to support life or cause death.

• There is no identical snowflakes, no identical fingertips.

• There is no identical ratio, variety, level of activity and many more other different parameters of internal environment of any live organism.

• Amount, quality and activity of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, hormones, peptides, to name a few can vary very widely in different people, even in the same person in different periods in his life.

• No single human personality has identical believes, views, perceptions and interpretations of the surrounding reality.

• Considering all levels of uniqueness and differences of every individual specialized approach in addressing nutritional needs of a patient is able to make a noticeable and fast change in his health condition.

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Visceral manipulation and abdominal organs mobilization.

To understand this technique you can think of a Chiropractor, who has to adjust, bring back a vertebrae which is out of place.

Chiropractors use spinal assessment and adjustment to reduce the subluxation, and thus alleviate irritation of the nerves. More info...


Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy

Traditional Chinese healing arts call lymphatic fluid a river of life. Congested lymphatic system becomes a swamp of death. To understand the paramount importance of the smooth, uninterrupted work of lymph system I would explain how it works in the body. More info...


Dry Cupping is one of the most effective, simple, proved by many centuries of use and application method to improve, reverse or heal any beauty of health concern.

Cupping supports, compliments and enhances other therapeutic methods or it can be used as separate, segmental and even systemic therapy. More info...


Negative Pressure Soft Tissue Manipulation

Pressure is created in a cup and then the cup is moved over lubricated skin to provide comfortable stretching of the muscles, connective tissue and skin. Through the reflex connections, negative pressure Soft Tissue Manipulation have regulating, stimulating and curative effect not only on the treatment area, but also on the entire body. More info...

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