Holistic approach to Mental,

Physical, Emotional Health and wellbeing.


Lectures – Discussions – Education - Coaching

Video Conference, Telephone or in Office.



Individual and group Education about Holistic, Natural and Organic living.


Teachings and explanations of the best ways to achieve highest possible levels of health, beauty and happiness in your current circumstances and age.


Healing, hands on self- treatments to learn many simple, easy to follow ways to help yourself in your desire to change your health and life for the better.




You would discover the ways of how to live a long, disease and pain free life.

You would know true causes of any disease therefore would be able to enjoy good health, if you choose to stay away from disease forming activities.

You would learn the language your body use to communicate with you.

You would learn the unparalleled power of human mind and its role in forming, supporting and changing physical structure of the body.

You would become your own nutritionist.

You would have no need to take any medications, supplements or hormones.

You would be able to enjoy your optimum weight and shape.

You would never worry about getting sick with cancers or any other debilitating or life threatening diseases.

You would never suffer from any chronic condition.


You would not only be able to learn how to become your own doctor but could help your loved ones with your expertise and knowledge to take appropriate course of action at least at times of uncomplicated health issues.

The information I want to share is awakening and revolutionary and forms the basics for my upcoming book “Enlightening Philosophy of Health”

Note: There is no limitations on the subjects about which you will choose or prefer to expand your knowledge.


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