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Your lymphatic system is your personal fountain of youth.


Complex decongestion therapy and lymphatic drainage.

Traditional Chinese healing arts call lymphatic fluid a river of life. Congested lymphatic system becomes a swamp of death.

To understand the paramount importance of the smooth, uninterrupted work of lymph system I would explain how it works in the body.

As you know a body consists of cells, every cell is like an island, surrounded by interstitial fluid (colorless water like substance which originated from blood plasma). These fluid by circulating supposed to constantly bring nutrients, various hormones and other supporting and stimulating substances to insure healthy functions of the cells.

The cells excrete their metabolic byproducts and waists in the same fluids from which they been talking life supporting materials a second before.

As you can see constant in and out flow of the fluids is a basic minimum that the cells need for their best function, reproduction and development. Every single health problem or disease starts on cellular level when cells are compelled to survive in most unfavorable environment. I also believe that it will not be too superfluous to remind you that all organs and tissues are community of cell; heart, bones, brain, liver, etc.

Lymphatic System is literally a sewer system of your body. Through lymphatic capillaries and lymphatic ducts the cell’s metabolic waist must be removed, otherwise the cells would suffocate in their own chemically corrosive and oxygen deprived “swamp “of the environment.

In his experiments Alex Carrell more than 70 years ago proved the fact that health and life span of the individual cell as well as all organism depends not so much on nutrition, but on clean supporting, uncorrupted environment. This great scientist managed to keep a chicken heart live for 26 years, even though a life span of a chicken is only 7 years. This experiment ended after Dr. Carrell’s death, otherwise most likely the heart could be alive even now. This outstanding scientist proved, unequivocally, importance of a clean environment for the health and longevity of a cell and whole organism.

Lymphatic decongestion therapy is one of the few most effective, fast methods which within several minutes of application put the body on the road of healing, regaining balance, and recovery.

Complex Decongestion Therapy and Lymph drainage very effectively alleviate conditions related to:


1 . Rheumatology

a) All kind of arthritis

b) Fibrosis ( bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc.)

c) Gout

d) Fibromyalgia

e) Scleroderma and others


2 . Ophthalmology

a) Chthonic edema of the eyelids

b) Dry mouth and eyes syndrome

c) Macular degeneration.


3 . Otolaryngology If you believe, you know all about nutrition and food, think again.

a) Hearing loss

b) Chronic otitis

c) Tinnitus

d) Vertigo


3 . Dentistry

a) Tooth pain

b) Orthodontics

c) Gum disease

d) Periodontitis


4. Pre-and Post-Surgery, Burns Tissues Regeneration

5 . Gynecology

a) Chronic pelvic pain

b) Endometriosis

c) PMS, tensions, cramps, pain

d) Menopause

e) Problems related to pregnancy and breastfeeding

f) Fibrocystic lumps

g) Brest implants problems


6. Dermatology

a) Acne

b) Dermatitis

c) Rosacea

d) Seborrhea

e) Chronic skin information

f) Scars


7 . Chronic and subacute infections

8 . Urology, Nephrology

a) Chronic cystitis

b) Chronic prostatitis

c) Genital edema

d) Genital lesions


9 . Sports

a) Muscle spasms

b) Traumatic edemas

c) Sprains

d) Ligamentous and meniscal lesions


10. Pneumology

a) Chronic bronchitis

b) Asthma

c) Cystic fibrosis

d) Hay fever


11 . Osteopathic/Chiropractic

a) Neck pain

b) Lower back pain

c) Sciatica