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Dr. Ina Kuhar PhD.Inapic

Dr. Ina Kuhar is a highly regarded and esteemed in the field of alternate medicine. Her advice is sought after by her patients and colleagues alike.

Her views on health and disease, food and nutrition, interconnection of body and mind are quite revolutionary, progressive, logically sound and easy to understand even for a layman.

She makes a lot of efforts to share her knowledge with her patients. She knows how to empower them with simplified, easy to understand information about physiology of human body.

Dr. Kuhar is inexhaustible source of thought stimulating wisdom which helped many of her patients literally change their lives.

Dr. Ina loves to work with people who is not afraid to take responsibility for their own health.

She is dedicated to people who are proactively seeking natural ways to optimum health.

Unfortunately this curious, progressive people, for long time had been subjected to misleading, confusing, oftentimes intentionally deceiving information regarding health, nutrition and fitness.

She enthusiastically offers all her support and treatments to people who became frustrated and lost any hope for regaining good health, even after trying various traditional and alternative health practices.

Many of such people are desperate and more than willing to give Nature a chance to heal them.

Formally educated as Feldsher (Physician's Assistant), Dr. Ina Kuhar became passionate about Natural (Holistic) Health and Healing. She earned her PhD, but continued to study in her beloved fields of biology, quantum physics, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and everything in between which she believed can help in her quest to improve human condition.


Through education, self study, observation and practice, Dr. Ina has developed unique manual technics and treatments.

Her easy to follow protocols and recommendations, designed to help the body to alleviate any health problem.

She can help your body to initiate healing process.

She will teach you to understand and appreciate amazing power and grossly underestimated, inexhaustible vitality and abilities of the human body.

If you feel that what Dr. Kuhar stands for is relevant and resonates with you. If you feel exited about the opportunity to be pain free for the rest of your life. If you want to expend your conception of how the human body communicates and heals, please contact Dr. Ina.


After only several visits and adherence to Dr. Kuhar’s recommendations you can expect permanent results.

Any symptoms you may experience including but not limited to:

Acute or chronic pain in your back, neck, legs, abdomen, shoulders, pelvic area etc.

Digestive issues including: constipation, blotting, excessive gases, heartburn, Indigestion, vomiting, pain, discomfort or sleepiness after meals.

PMS, long and painful menstrual periods, amenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, menopausal symptoms, urinary tract infections, hormonal dis balance, unexplained weigh gain and many more symptoms pertaining to genitourinary track.

Permanent weight loss, cellulite.


The list can go on and on but, no matter what your problem is, Dr. Ina goes above and beyond to help all who seeks her counsel.

You can contact her at the office at :(818) 342-1188

By email: Goholisticwithme@aol.com

Or to her direct line (818) 825-3095 to leave a voice or text message